DeVita Energy 11


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Device for enhancing your own defensive systems and correction of natural electromagnetic radiation of natural biosystems.

The device “DeVita Energy 11” is a generator of weak electromagnetic radiation, identical to the radiation of natural organic systems.

Designed to enhance your own protective systems and correct natural electro- magnetic radiation of natural biosystems. The principle of corrective action is based on the use of frequencies according to the methods of R. Rife, R. Voll, F. Morrel.

For the first time, the idea of the presence of energy in the human body and the dependence of health on its circulation was expressed by the ancient healers of China, India, Egypt. Today it has been scientifically proven that every human organ emits certain frequencies. Under the influence of unfavorable external factors, full of stresses of modern life, poor ecology, its frequencies deviate from their natural parameters, as a result of which depression, apathy, and chronic insomnia occur.

The device “DeVita Energy 11” emits harmonious electromagnetic frequencies that equalize the bioenergetic indicators of a person, trigger the body’s regulation functions based on resonance phenomena, and reduce bio- and geopathogenic loads.

“DeVita Energy 11″gently and safely affects the human body, without disturbing its energy balance either as a whole or locally.This method of influence on the body is based on the developments of Franz Morel, the author of the method of bioresonance therapy. Correctly created 11 programs of electromagnetic influence restore and strengthen physiological indicators, relieve psycho-emotional stress, energize, give a good mood and excellent health, and harmonize a person at all levels of his being.

The device is recommended for everyone who has to experience:

– The harmful effects of the city and the environment
– Physical and emotional fatigue
– Chronic fatigue syndrome
– Great physical activity
– Depression, stress, anxiety, irritability
– Dizziness, weakness, drowsiness

Effect after using the device “DeVita Energy 11”:

– Restores and enhances physiological performance
– Relieves psycho-emotional stress
– Removes psychosomatic blocks
– Charges with energy and positivity
– Launches the body’s self-regulation functions
– Regulates drainage and detoxification functions of the body
– Reduces bio- and geopathogenic loads
– Protects against electromagnetic smog
– Rejuvenates

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