Devita DePuls+


Retail price 2280€

DePuls+ is the device that assesses the body’s condition, by the use of the heart rhythm and a special algorithm.

The first screen of the Express-test DePuls+ allows you to register each patient and has a display of the electrocardiogram and a general idea of the current state of health and the vital signs of the organism.

The DePuls + Express-test, determines the state of the health of the body based on an analysis of the cardiac rhythm. The intensity, the frequency and the rhythmic pulse can tell a lot about your state of health. According to these indicators, you can determine the status of the major organ systems, and the level of psychological and emotional harmony of the patient.

You can see the level of adaptation, the autonomic regulation, the neurohumoural regulation, the mental and emotional state of the body in visual printable charts.

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