Devita Combi


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DeVita Combi 5-in-1 universal device (DeVita AP, DeVita Ritm, DeVita Cosmo, HV) for electromagnetic, quantum and electropuncture wellness sessions. It is used to protect against stress factors, maintain homeostasis, improve performance, reduce pain, and prevent premature aging.

-Harmonizes the functioning of organs and systems, restores and maintains homeostasis in the body’s physiological systems. Maintains muscle tone, preserves youth. Strengthens immunity, improves memory, and relieves eye fatigue.

-Protects against colds, helps cleanse the body of pathogenic forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Improves the drainage function of the lymphatic system, effectively relieves the body of the toxic load.

-Eliminates inflammatory reactions, relieves pain and muscle tension, has a calming effect, improves tissue nutrition and promotes active regeneration.

Characteristics of DeVita Combi:

– includes 4 units: AP, Ritm, QUANT, HV,
– can work in both single mode (electromagnetic, quantum, electrotherapy) and combined mode: Ritm + QUANT or Ritm + HV,
– has a built-in database of complexes and programs for each unit,
– has a function that allows you to create your own complexes from the existing programs in the database or create your own unique programs,
– created complexes and programs can be edited,
– if required, any complex can be transferred to a hard copy (printed),
– convenient and simple in operation, compact size, lightweight, portable,
– can be applied both in professional environment and at home; can be used for both humans and specific animals,
– has unique programs designed for specific animals.

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