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The «DeVita-AP» is a frequency device (a worldwide unique patented bioresonance device) designed for maintaining a high health level. The device’s targeted action is against bacteria and parasites without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. The device has 30 programs, which are designed to preserve wellness, clean the body of unwanted microorganisms and microbes, recover from acute inflammation, even pain relief.

Advantages of «DeVita AP»:

• It effectively cleanses the body, helping not only to get rid of fungi, viruses and parasites, but also to maintain our bodies in pristine condition and improve our strength.

• It normalizes the function of the internal organs and systems, it improves eye health and relieves from migraine and headaches.

• It helps strengthen the immune system, protects from seasonal colds and also prevents allergies.

• It is harmless for children: the device is an excellent tool for the prevention of helminths and also treats viruses and bacteria effectively. It supports the muscle tone and also gives energy and vitality to the body.

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