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The DEVITA PROFESSIONAL constitutes one of the most sophisticated bioresonance devices manufactured by Deta Elis for the diagnosis and treatment of illness, being able to identify potential causative factors as well as their severity. The therapist that learns how to use the Devita Professional competently will be a master Holistic Practitioner that will be most sought after.

The Deta Professional has been recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Israel and other countries as an official method of diagnosis.

The refined DEVITA PROFESSIONAL device is based on the research of Dr. R. Voll (Voll diagnostics), as well as Dr. Schimmel (Vegetative Reflex Testing – VRT, and its inventor Dr Sergei Konoplov. The precision of the device is close to 100% and so is its accuracy, but it is the experienced diagnostician that gets the best results. It has a vast spectrum of possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases as the practitioner is able to identify a wide variety of potential causative factors for the individual patient.

The VRT has the potential to evaluate the health of an individual on many levels, such as:

The physiology and biochemistry of cells, tissues and organ systems
Detection of parasites, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses in the body
Inflammatory or degenerative states in the body
Identification of food intolerances causing internal inflammation.
The pathogenesis of disease states.
Negative energies such as mobile phone stress, electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress, Wi-Fi stress, negative spin, etc.
Detection of toxins and heavy metals.
Psychoemotional states and much more.
This covers a wide array of different factors that may interrupt the proper functioning of the cells and tissues, including toxins, food intolerances, inflammation, degeneration, negative energies such geopathic, electromagnetic, mobile phone, X-ray and general left-spin energies, as well as the wide variety of microbes including parasites, protozoa, bacteria, fungi and viruses. All these can be tested for and more!

An important advantage of this method is that it can predict the effectiveness of the therapeutic protocols and provide information for adjusting and fine-tuning the treatments. This helps to economize time and money for the patient, as well as removing the stress of complex protocols that often fail.

It should be the right-hand of every doctor’s office as it is second-to-none in providing information on potential causative factors that are often missed with more conventional medical tests, as well as providing a bespoke treatment programme for the patient based on the information collected, avoiding guess work.

It can be used by professionals such as medical doctors, homeopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths and other main-stream health professionals.

There are extensive training programmes provided that prepare the health professional to use these devices with accuracy – using such devices without training is akin to flying a plane without training to be a pilot. There is also an online course entitled Energy Medicine and Bioresonance that can be found at

The capabilities of the Devita Professional for diagnosing and treating is extensive – here are some of its functions:

Can measure electrical conductivity of Biologically Active Zones (BAZ) according to the method of Dr. Voll
Can measure electrical conductivity of Biologically Active Points (BAP) using the method according to Dr. Voll again
Can conduct Vegetative Resonance Testing (VRT) according to the method of H. Schimmel
Can test for allergies to cosmetics and jewellery, as well as many other substances, including food intolerances
Can conduct pharmacological testing (assessment of the acceptance of various pharmacological and non-pharmacological drugs by the body)
Can conduct pharmacological testing using the built-in “DETA-Pharma” Pharmacological Selector
Can copy homeopathic substances (imprinting) into water or pillules
Can produce homeopathic remedies, nosodes, organ remedies, antidotes to toxins and autonosodes from saliva, urine, blood etc.
Can be used for ELECTROACUPUNCTURE therapy
Can be used for ELECTROMAGNETIC therapy
Can be used for QUANTUM light therapy;
Can be used for BIORESONANCE therapy according to the methods of F. Morrell and E. Rashe;
Can combine all of the above treatments as well as give remedies or autonosodes simultaneously
The diagnostic mode uses bioresonance testing to determine the following:

identification of parasites
identification of bacteria
identification of fungi
identification of viruses
identification of organ imbalances
identifying the underlying causes of diseases
identifying drug interactions in the patient
identifying scar, sinus, tooth and tonsil foci
identifying food intolerances
identifying energetic imbalances in Meridians and Chakras
In the therapy mode, the Deta-Professional is capable of delivering 5 different methods of treatment:

Treatments using Electro-acupuncture
Treatments using Electromagnetic therapy
Treatments using Quantum healing
Treatments using Bio-resonance therapy
A combination of the abovementioned treatments, except Electro-acupuncture
This is a device for use by qualified health practitioners and requires extensive training by practitioners that are familiar with its use.

Patients can go to a qualified Deta Elis practitioner who will test them and determine the underlying causes of their health problems. The practitioner can then programme the patient’s DEVITA AP or DEVITA RITM with these specific frequencies and instruct on how to use these frequencies.

This is really cutting-edge as then the patient has their “personal doctor” that they can instruct at the touch of a button!


The “DETA-Professional” device includes the following basic modules:

Diagnostic Module – used for diagnostics according to Dr Voll and VRT testing according to Dr Schimmel
Electronic Pharmacological Selector Module – contains 22,800 digitized remedies of a wide variety of homeopathics, as well as a further 25,200 empty memory slots to input your own remedies, foods and homeopathic remedies. The maximum number of remedies that can be given simultaneously to a patient is 18.
Therapy Module – controls for using Electroacupuncture, Electromagnetic and Quantum Therapies
Bioresonance Therapy Module – controls for using Bioresonance therapy and Complex Therapy

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