DeNorma: Probiotic – Symbiotic


Retail Price 57€

DeNorma, the new probiotic-symbiotic for the immune system. 15 specially selected probiotic strains of friendly bacteria creating a unique combination that is beneficial for male and female physiology. DeNorma is a unique supplement that combines probiotic and prebiotic agents that contribute to a healthy friendly bacterial colony in our intestine. The capsules are suitable for vegetarians and are specially designed for slow release of the bacteria strains in our body. That means that the bacteria are protected by the capsule during digestion and are released at the intestine, thus providing better absorbance.

DeNorma’s unique composition is designed to contribute to the everyday fight of our immune system against viral and other contagious infections, balancing stress levels, depression and other brain dysfunctions. It can help chronic intestinal problems such as Crohns’ disease, diarrhea, obesity, candidiasis and eczema, Helicobacter Pylori, peptic ulcers, and urinary tract infections. DeNorma is a supplement designed to strengthen the immune system, contribute to the digestion process, is beneficial for the heart and can help against lactose and casein intolerance.

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