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Delixir Top Form is a specialized supplement designed to enhance athletes’ performance and health expectations. It is suitable for people with higher requirements in nutrients such as athletes or people over 65.

How it works…

Delixir Top Form contributes to muscle development and thew in order to reach up the expectations of every day needs in the life of a professional athlete and/or people who love to work out on a regular basis.

It promotes the continuation of normal blood glucose levels because it has chromium (200mg per 15ml), which is known to help people with diabetes due to its contribution in metabolizing glucose and lipids in the body.

Basic Ingredients in Delixir Top Form

Amino Acids (BCAA)

The basic amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine are the basic elements of muscle tissue. During strenuous exercise, BCAA amino acids are catabolised. Tests have shown that when those amino acids are consumed before exercising, fatigue levels are lower and athletic performance levels are higher.

Rhadiola extract

Rhadiola (also known as golden root), has stress relief properties, improves our mood, enhances physical and mental performance and is vastly used by athletes because is enhancing their energy and stamina.


Scientific studies have shown that chromium enhances cells’ sensitivity in insulin and therefore, chromium intake reduces the risk of developing diabetes type II and helps in better controlling blood glucose in diabetic patients in general.


B-Complex consists of 8 water-soluble vitamins which work together enhancing each other’s properties in such a way that they control the whole metabolic process of energy production in our bodies. Furthermore, they are necessary elements of various hormones, hair, skin, our peptic system and help maintaining body’s blood cells in pristine condition.

It doesn’t contain gluten, soya, eggs, wheat, nuts or milk. No genetically modified ingredients of any kind. Suitable for vegans.

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