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DeLixir pH-Balance
It is a functional drink which provides a healthy pH-Balance for our body.

DeLixir pH-Balance is an elixir for preserving the acid-alkaline balance of the body. It contains a unique alkalizing mix, including spirulina and turmeric for the most efficient health improvement.

DeLixir pH-balance is a revolutionary formula for maintaining a healthy pH balance in our. The acid-alkaline balance in the internal environment of our body is vitally important for our overall health. However, most of the food intake we have makes the body environment more acidic, full of toxins. The most popular products on our table such as meat, fish, cheese, sweets, white bread increase the acidity. Acidity in our body usually creates an environment fit for pathogens.

DeLixir pH-Balance has a special alkalizing formula, which softly recreates the healthy pH balance of our organism. Spirulina and turmeric are super-foods and they have the ability to normalize the physiological dysfunctions of the body.

DeLixir pH-Balance is perfectly combined with Devita-Ritm Base & Devita-Rtm mini, harmonizing the whole body performance and providing effective recovery.


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