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DeLixir Detox – The unique purifying formula!

DeLixir Detox is a powerful mixture of ingredients that softly purifies the body from toxins. It has a natural sorbent called Diatomaceous earth or Diatomite. There is also ginger, noni juice, aloe vera and MSM, a microelement useful for cells regeneration.

Bad environment, pharmaceutical abuse, infections and even increased physical activity can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Toxins have a negative influence on the internal organs performance, as well as on the appearance, causing constant fatigue, apathy and lowering the immunity. To lead the toxins out of your body, you’ll need to undergo the detoxification procedure regularly, which includes a special diet, increased water intake, application of the drainage DeVita programs and of course DeLixir Detox.

Juices and extracts of special herbs in the DeLixir Detox formula provide nutrients that help the body get rid of the toxins, filling it with vitality and energy. DeLixir Detox strengthens and recovers your organism in a complex way.

DeLixir Detox is perfectly combined with DeVita AP Base, cleansing the body from toxins and providing the best effect of the recovery programs.

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